19 March 2017

Family time Down Under

We finally made it to Australia, two brothers reunited after many years apart and living on opposite sides of the planet. A two week holiday to spend family time down under and meet the the new jewel of the planet, my niece, my brothers first born and daughter, Tippi. An unforgettable feeling that I cherish and keep close to my heart. 

The city of Brisbane. A viewpoint not far from where we spent most of our two weeks in Australia.

We were very fortunate to spend a few days in Byron Bay, a few hours drive south of Brisbane along the the Gold Coast. Just outside of Byron Bay is this place, Crystal Castle, where we spent the morning walking around the gardens. Absolutely beautiful. 

This is a wishing tree, or prayer tree, I can't remember, same thing really. Anyway, what is written and tied to the tree is transported along the living network that is the Universe and instantly received by the One. 

We found this really cool place to sit and restore our energy levels in the company of rose quartz.

These parrots are called Galah. In Australian slang, a Galah means a foolish person. These are one of the most abundant parrots and are found over most of Australia, including some offshore islands. The
availability of food and water in agricultural areas can allow them to occur in huge flocks. 

Sleeping Joey.

It's so hot there during the day most creatures are sleeping.

A picture of a beautiful woman giving blessings for what she is about to eat. A plate of something called Momo's, Tibetan style. A selection of veg. wrapped in thin dough and quickly boiled. First time we tried them, delicious!!!
Sheila on the rocks.
Someone strutting their stuff for the local sheila's, I think his name was Bruce. 

Far too long since we were altogether. It was a great time and a great feeling to be reunited, even if for a brief moment in time. 

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